Security Jobs in Johannesburg

Security Jobs in Johannesburg

Security Jobs in Johannesburg require you to look after and protects assets. They protect assets such as buildings, items and they also ensure safety to the people. A security guard can be employed by a private party or government. Now days pretty much every business, store, shop, or any establishment has its security guard. This job requires one to have accountability and a high level of skills. A security job has a lot of potentials to build a professional life. There are plenty of security jobs right now in Johannesburg.

Are you considering getting yourself security jobs in Johannesburg? If so, before applying for a security job, you should know about the necessary skills one should have to get a security job.


A good security guard is always alert and focused on their shift. They are expected to protect assets, buildings, and people. It is not an easy job. They must avoid any distractions and always be fully alert so that they don’t miss anything that can put someone’s life in jeopardy. Paying attention to detail can help them notice even the smallest danger signal, and they can act upon it.

Security guards must also have quick reflexes. After noticing the danger he or she must act on it. React fast and figuring out what to do or how to handle the situation is all about being a security guard. That is why alertness is such an important skill for a security job.


If your trying to get a security job you must be honest. Security guards are there to protect and catch any illegal activity. If the security guard himself is a lier then it is a problem. The employer can not trust a security guard who is not honest. An untrustworthy security guard may steal or harm the business itself. That is why their background is thoroughly checked when hiring them. To get a security job and to stay in it you must have honesty.

Physical Fitness

A security guard may need to use physical force to detain a suspect or catch a suspect. If the suspect tries to run away then the security guard must chase and catch them. To run and catch someone else requires a fit body and a lot of stamina. Not only that, a security guard is expected to look strong. He must have a strongly built body so that he can get respect and authority on his job. A physically unfit security guard is almost useless. He can not chase, run or use force to detain someone. That is why an ideal security guard is expected to have physical fitness, if you are looking for a security job, then you must be physically fit too.

Security Jobs in Johannesburg



Another important skill for a security guard is communication. A good security guard must have excellent written and speaking skills. Clear and sharp communication be a deciding factor in dangerous situations. Well written skill allows them to document everything that happens daily clearly and accurately. Any important incident can be later investigated by using these detailed documents.

Security guard usually works as a team. So quality communication is definitely valued here. They might need to cooperate with the police on some incidents and communicate through a walkie-talkie. Speaking in a professional is very important in these situations. That is why communication is so crucial for the security guard job.


Leadership and the ability to work with a team are quite important for a security guard. Even if a security guard works alone he needs leadership quality to perform the job properly. Usually, there are more security guards and they all need to work as a team. And everyone has a different personality and behavior. You must get along with all the other security guards and work as a team. Beginning shift and ending a shift requires one security guard to transfer duty to another security guard. And they need to make an entry or ending the shift on paper as a document. Communicating and working along with various people is very important in this job. A security guard may require to work with an employee of a company or business too. That is why teamwork is so important when it comes to security jobs.

Time Management

A good security guard should have time management skills. He should go to work or to his shift at the right time. If a security guard keeps coming late to work then he will be considered unprofessional. And nobody wants to keep an unprofessional security guard for their personal or business purpose. Security guards must make entries, putting data, writing a document for important incidents on time. A security guard simply can not delay his tasks. It might bring disorder to the establishment he works for. That is why it is so important to have time management skills for a security guard.

Security Jobs in Johannesburg


Common Sense

Common sense is something that you get from years of learning and real-life experience. A security guard who has common sense is more preferable to a security guard who doesn’t have it. No training can teach common sense overnight. That is why it is a valuable skill. A security guard may suspect someone and need to body search or ask a question to someone or some employee. He must apply common sense to judge the situation, then proceed to act in a way that situation doesn’t escalate. Handling clients, employees, other security guards require a fair amount of common sense. That is why it is such an important skill for a security job.


To be a security guard you must have passion for it. You must have that driving force to help people in dangerous times. They must have passion for their job and value human life above other factors. As a security guard, you need to handle any kind of situation at any time. To stay alert all the time and accurately perform the job, passion is a must. That is why passion is so crucial for a security job.


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