Receptionist Jobs in Cape Town

Receptionist Jobs in Cape Town

The receptionist job is now known as the director of the first impression. Receptionist Jobs in Cape Town requires you to be the first point of contact people have in a business. They have a crucial position in the marketing of the business and public relations. There is a lot of job opportunity in cape town for receptionist right now.

Are you considering getting yourself receptionist Jobs in CapeTown? Want to be the person who keeps the business on schedule? If so then this is a must-read piece for you. Before applying for a receptionist job you must know the necessary skills required to get a receptionist job.


You have to focus on your written and verbal communication. The job requires interacting with people whether via email, phone, or face to face. A receptionist must always speak clearly and hear carefully. The job requires you to give information sharply and accurately. It is also required to be a good listener. You have to be a good listen and write down important information.

The receptionist works as a communication medium between business and people. They have to write down information as a middle man of conversation. If any information gets lost passing the message then it will not look good for the receptionist. It will create confusion in the business or office. There can not be any error while conveying a message. Accurate hearing, speaking, and writing are a must. That is why excellent communication is such an important skill for receptionist Jobs in Cape Town.


A receptionist may need to use various computer programs, email, Twitter, and more. Mastery in Microsoft word and Microsoft excel are a must for this profession. The receptionist also needs to know how to operate a photocopy machine and phone calls.
When applying for a receptionist job you need to highlight your technical and computer skills to appear more competent for the job. In this modern era, those who don’t have technical skills are bound to be obsolete. Being technical is not only important for the receptionist job but also for any modern job out there.

Receptionist Jobs in Cape Town



A receptionist works in an organization. So obviously they need to have organizational skills. A good receptionist will have excellent organization skills. It is valued by other staff members, coworkers, employees, and all the other people who deal with the business.
Managing and Coordinating various task falls under the duty of a receptionist. They do all the planning and scheduling of meeting to keep the office running. Appointment setting, multi-tasking, time managing are some of the organizational skills. Receptionists are expected to have all these organizational skills to perform their job properly.


A good receptionist must have the ability to do multitasking. Especially in today’s fast-paced business world multitasking is a must-have skill. A receptionist may need to put a bunch of people on hold while attending phone calls and taking appointments. It is likely to happen that multiple people walked through the door and they all want an appointment or other information. A receptionist must handle this kind of busy, stressful situation on daily basis, without losing their calm.

Remaining calm while handling a stressful situation is very common in this job sector. Dealing with people who are frustrated, confused, or just angry requires skill. Being technical with words and ability to do multitasking helps a lot in these situations. That’s is why multitasking is such an important skill for a receptionist.


A receptionist does multitasking most of the time. That’s why it is so crucial to prioritize which task is more important. Multiple tasks or projects might come in suddenly. The receptionist needs to handle it by prioritizing which needs to be done first. They need to make a list of most important to least important work. Then perform the task. Failure to prioritize work may lead to frustration. No employer wants a frustrated receptionist. That’s why it is very important to have prioritizing skill when to come to receptionist job.

Interpersonal Skills

Receptionists are the ears and the eyes of an office. It is important to have soft skills to deal with office politics. It is to protect your reputation and your company’s. As a receptionist, you have to maintain a good relationship with employees of all levels of the company. Because on every step of your work you might need to interact with them. Even maintaining a good relationship with the executive is important too. It will not only make your workplace more friendly and easy but also boost your chance of increment. Without interpersonal skills, one can last in a receptionist job for long.



The whole office depends quite a bit on the receptionist. Because they pretty much interact with all the employees and clients. It might be via phone or face to face. A receptionist has to be tangible and precise with their work. They are expected to do no mistake no error. That’s why one must be very dependable to get the receptionist job.


The ability to stay calm, stable, and not let inner emotion out is called unflappability. The workload may feel a bit too much, or you may have a bad time with some frustrated employee or a clint. Regardless you must stay emotionally stable and not lash out. Handle the difficult situation with technicality and interpersonal skills. Remember, you’re the director of the first impression. So, you must master the unflappability skill to be a good receptionist.

Thick skin

A receptionist getting yelled at is not a new thing. There is a lot of frustrated client or people out there. They will just come in and lash out at you with angry words. You must have thick skin to endure this. Try your best to calm the client and handle the situation as best as you can. If it seems out of control take the help of the security. Especially on the phone customer tend to be more aggressive, because it is not a face-to-face conversation. Try your level best to stay calm and handle these situations. Having a thick skin or not reacting emotionally is quite a useful skill in a receptionist job.


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