Customer Service Jobs in Cape Town

Customer Service Jobs in Cape Town

Customer service jobs in Cape Town can make or break a business. Quality customer service creates satisfied customers and “repeat customers”. You can say it is the backbone of a business. They are the ones responsible for solving customer problems and ensuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, they must have some quality in them to perform the job. South Africa is well known all over the world for providing quality customer service. Especially their most historically important city Cape Town is booming with customer service jobs right now.

Are you considering getting yourself  customer service Jobs in Cape Town? If so, before applying for a customer service job, you should know about the necessary skills one should have to get a customer service job.


Communication is the first and foremost skill for any job out there. When it comes to customer service communication has become even more important. The customer service team is on the front line of problem-solving for the product itself. To listen, understand, and solve the problem, you must have excellent communication skills. A customer might not speak clearly or fail to explain the issue clearly.

It is the employees’ job to understand customers’ needs. Understanding customer’s needs and ensuring customer satisfaction requires communication knowledge.

It is not necessary to have a tech degree to get a customer service job. You might be surprised many employees in this sector come from different educational backgrounds. But all of them have one thing in common, and that is being spiffy in communication. This skill can not be ignored while applying for a customer service job.

Customer Service Jobs in Cape Town



Employee Engagement Trends Report of 2015, customer service employees are the least engaged employees among others. Even though the economy has a positive climate, employees are getting less and less engagement. Customers see business as helpful, but they don’t feel any empathy or connection to it. As a result, it becomes hard to create repeat customers. That’s when customer service comes in. The purpose of customer service is not only to solve customer’s problems. They must make the customer feel connected with the business. Customers must feel they are an important and valued individual to the business.

Attentiveness helps to create that relationship with customers. Listening, understanding, and responding to customers need the utmost attention of the employee. Responding using traditional response is no good nowadays. You can use the traditional ways as a guideline but you need to form a sentence in your word. The conversation must be lively, warm, and helpful. The customer must be delighted by the end of the conversation, only then it would count as a successful communication.


Empathy is another crucial skill customer service employees must-have. The majority of the interaction may begin with an unhappy or frustrated customer. The first thing you need to do is show empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand someone’s point of view and emotions. When you interact with a customer, show that you understand their problem and what they have been through. This is very important because almost 70% percent of buying experience depends on how customers being treated. Many business things the bottom line of a customer’s mind are financial. It’s wrong, the bottom line of a customer is their emotion. If you can win a customer’s emotion, you not only get a satisfied customer but also a loyal customer to the brand or company.

Persuasive Speaking

If you think of the most persuasive speaker you know, you will see most likely that person is working in some kind of sales sector. Doesn’t matter if it’s selling products, services, or giving customer service the employee has to be a persuasive speaker. It has been recognized as an important skill for sales and service-related sectors.

Every day reps give solutions to various problems. But giving a solution is not enough, they must create repeat customers by their persuasive speaking skills. It may sound odd but 74% of consumers say they tend to spend more time with a company because of positive customer service. It can be up to 14% more. That’s why persuasive speaking is so vital not only for sales but also for customer services.



Adaptability is the ability to able to adapt or manage in different situations. Customer service requires this ability on daily basis. When you work in this sector, your days are never the same. Customers aren’t the same. Almost 60% of customers change the way they contact customer service depending on where they are and what media they using to communicate.

It means they may contact through email, phone call, social media, or even in person. Interaction in different media will require adaptability. Customer service rep must be able to adapt no matter what via customers contacting or in what manner they are talking.


There is just no replacement for creativity. Customer care requires their employee to solve various and unique problems. Some problems are never been solved before. That’s where creativity skill is important. Finding a solution and managing customers is no easy task. It’s just not possible without creativity. Being creative, open-mindedness, quick thinking is all vital skills for this job.

Emotional intelligence

A good customer support employee knows how to relate to customers. Especially frustrated customers. Without taking harsh words personally, they understand where the customer coming from and how to handle it. They intuitively understand how to deal with it. Using empathy to swiftly communicate and be relatable requires excellent emotional intelligence.

Aren’t we all feel appreciated and great when someone listens to us and understands us? Well, customers feel the same. They want to be heard and understood by the service provider. When an employee can demonstrate real empathy to a frustrated customer that customer feels heard. Now, reading a customer’s tone, attitude, and personality is not an easy task. It requires great emotional skill to be able to complete this task.


A Customer service job may drain a lot of energy out of you. Dealing with a different type of customer on daily basis is an easy job. Good work ethics, knowledge is need but another important skill is tenacity. You must keep going even if the customer is not so willing to cooperate.

Learning different ways to handle customers, willing to go the extra mile just to satisfy the customer requires tenacity. At the end of the day, there will be some people whom you can’t satisfy or make happy. Don’t let those people bring you down. You keep your head held up and keep working with great tenacity.


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