Call Centre Jobs in Johannesburg

Call Centre Jobs In Johannesburg

Call centre jobs in Johannesburg are getting more and more popular in recent times! Because it doesn’t require you to deal with customers face to face, you can work from a safe space even from home! In today’s fast-paced business world still 90% of people prefer to talk to live agents instead of some bot. That’s why call centre jobs in Johannesburg are getting more and more hype in 2021.

In the last 15 years government of South Africa has been promoting the country as a destination for call centers to create jobs for unemployed youth. Especially Africa’s most powerful commercial city Johannesburg is the center of it.

Are you considering a career with relatively low barriers to entry? Have a balanced work-life? And have plenty of opportunities to grow? If so then a career in a call center is just the thing for you. Now before applying for a call centre jobs in Johannesburg, you should know the important skills one should have to get call centre jobs in Cape Town.

Call Centre Jobs in Johannesburg


Clarity In Communication

Call centre jobs in Cape Town require their employees to have effective and thoughtful communication skills. Miscommunication can lead to frustration for both the employee and the customer. They also have to communicate with other staff members, either in person, over the phone, or on the internet. Thus, it is necessary for them to have excellent communication skills.

A call center agent should be able to listen and speak carefully. And have the ability to write down the data accurately. Without quality communication skills, one can’t last in a call center sector.

Effective questioning skills

Another important skill is the effective questioning technique. Call centers require their employees to have effective questioning skills. In order to understand customer’s problems or need one needs to ask questions in a way that customers won’t feel bothered.

Effective listening skills

In addition to being able to ask effective questions, call center employees should be able to listen carefully. Listening accurately is one of the most important skills to have in the call center sector. Listening very carefully so the customer doesn’t need to repeat their speech is a must-have skill. If a customer has to repeat him or her self that’s equivalent to a bad rating. Bad rating can lead to losing one’s job.


Accurate data entry skills

After listening to the customer the agent or employee must take notes or enter the data accurately. Data helps employees to make informed decisions. Accurate data allows call centers to establish baselines and goals to keep moving forward. That is why accurate data entry is a very important skill to have.


Call centre jobs in Cape Town requires teamwork. In order to focus on results—not processes teamwork is a must. Team shares your burden, stress, and workload. If one person fails to deliver efficient teamwork the whole team suffers. Therefore, it is essential to have the ability to work with other people and to bind them together as a team.

Ability to handle stress

It’s important to know how to handle stress. Stress we experience once in a while is not harmful and it helps us in many ways. But day to day stress is harmful and it affects our work. You may get stressed sometimes while taking a customer’s phone call and that is why it is so crucial to have the ability to handle stress. To work under pressure and to handle stress one must love the job and follow schedule. In call center sector following a schedule, loving the job, and managing time are some great ways to handle stress.

Ability to understand and explain

Call centers are there to understand customers’ needs and explain products or services to them. So the agent or employee must have the ability to understand what customers want. Customers’ may have problems or questions regarding any product or service, the agent then has to explain to the customer in a way that he or she understands it. Even if it takes time the agent must be patient and explain the matter to the customer in a more simple way.


Telephone etiquette/techniques

Yes the talking on phone has etiquette/techniques. Especially if you looking to build a career in call center sector telephone skill is indispensable. Agent must speak clearly and smile when they talk. Even though the customer can’t see the smile they can hear it in the speech. It gives a warm, welcoming tone to it and customers feel relaxed while talking. Do not shout or whisper and don’t put customers on hold for too long. Follow telephone etiquette, it will not only help you get a job in a call center but also help you excel at work.

Time management skills

Call center is a highly competitive sector. In order to excel in this sector one must have time management skills, and ability to meet deadlines. Getting stressed out and messing with time management is a big problem. Agent must full fill tasks in particular time to manage and use time efficiently. Meeting deadlines is completing work within a certain period of time. Failing to meet deadlines will only increase stress and ruin the quality of work. That is why time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines are so important in call center sectors.


Agent must express honest empathy while on a phone call with customers. Call center builds positive rapport and authenticity through expressing empathy. Empathy calms down worried, stressed, or uncertain customers. It helps to build customer loyalty.

Flexibility and problem-solving

An agent must be flexible with his words. Using words to simplify or explain the matter in a different way is a skill agent must acquire. Agent may face many problems but he or she should have the ability to solve the problem with his intelligence.


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