Admin Jobs in Cape Town

Admin Jobs In Cape Town

Admin Jobs in Cape Town requires administrators who are the backbone of any office! If they do something wrong for their lack of knowledge in any particular field, the whole office will suffer. They are responsible for every clerical task that needs to be done in an office.

Therefore, they must have some qualities to execute their office chores accurately. Admin Jobs in Cape Town seeks people who are likely to be more successful in their work than those who don’t have the skills mentioned below.

Are you considering getting yourself Admin Jobs in Cape Town? If so, before applying for an administrative job, you should know about the necessary skills one should have to get an administrative job.


Administrative assistants are the first ones to interact with customers and clients. They also have to communicate with employers, staff, either in person, on the internet, or over the phone. Thus, it is necessary for them to have excellent communication skills.

An administrative officer should be able to listen and speak carefully. He or she should also have the ability to write clearly and accurately; without making a single mistake. Most of the administrative positions involve a lot of writing. Administrative employees are asked to write a variety of documents, check a variety of document files, and take minutes in a meeting. They won’t last in their positions if they can’t do these properly.

Admin Jobs in Cape Town



Another important skill for administrative employees is organizational skills. As I said earlier, that they are like the backbones of an office; they have to be organized like backbones too. Coordinating and managing various tasks, from planning and scheduling a meeting to keep the office running without any problem, all belong to the administrative employees.

They are required to filing, sorting, bookkeeping, appointment setting, time managing, and multi-tasking. They are expected to have all these organizational skills in them to manage the office properly.


In addition, besides being able to organize things, administrative assistants should be able to plan and schedule things in advance. They are regularly required to make an appointment, create a plan for an office trip, and develop internal office procedural systems. These things can’t be done without proper planning. Office administrators should be able to plan ahead and prepare for any potential office issues.

Critical Thinking

Administrative assistants face many challenges in their work every day. They may have to speak to an unhappy customer, rearrange a meeting, meeting rooms at short notice, or arrange a proxy when a colleague is unexpectedly absent. Like the planning skill, they should have the ability to anticipate what may cause a problem in the office and what problem can arise. They are to find a solution before something becomes a problem for the office. They must be able to hear a variety of problems and solve them using critical thinking.



Conflict Resolution

A job as an admin assistant will keep you right in the middle of things. Offices are notorious for politics, gossip, and behind-the-scenes drama; an administrator eventually ends up being the center of all these whether willing or unwillingly. Office administrators have to stay above it all by resisting talking behind people’s backs and always maintaining their professionalism. They have to be neutral and diplomatic in these matters. As the hubs of an office, knowing how to work cooperatively with colleagues and respond politely to clients is especially important for them.


Administrative assistants connect a department of an office with another department. They are required to work alongside many employees from other departments as well as their own. As they work together with people from other positions during conversations, projects, meetings, or other collaborations, it is essential for them to have the ability to guide and bind people together.


In this world of technology, clerical and administrative jobs aren’t that much complicated now. Things have changed a lot. Offices and Businesses don’t use paper today. Instead of writing on paper, offices use digital documents which is more efficient than paper. Software like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets reduce the burden of millions of office goers. Administrative employers also have to use, and often maintain, office equipment such as computers, faxes, scanners, and printers. Consequently, they should know how to operate these digital devices.

10 Websites to Find Admin Jobs In Cape Town

Well, you all have got an idea about the skills needed for an administrative job. Now it’s time to find some jobs and apply to them. There many dedicated employment websites for job listing on which you can find administrative jobs. Every day, plenty of jobs are being posted on these websites. You can find a variety of admin jobs there. I’ve sorted out some of the best websites to find administrative jobs here in Cape Town. Make sure you have the skills mentioned above before applying for administrative jobs.


Vacancyscout Recruitment offers real and reliable jobs that are carefully vetted for your convenience.


Indeed is the largest job listing site in the world. You will find numerous administrative jobs here.


Glassdoor is another job listing website. You will find a whole variety of jobs here.


Pnet is a South African job listing site. To find available jobs simply log in to the website, type a job title in the search bar, set the location and hit ‘Find Jobs’.


Gumtree is mainly an online classified advertisement website, though it has job listing service in it. To find jobs on this website, you have to click on the ‘Jobs’ menu.


LinkedIn is the largest B2B social media. It is helpful for you to create a profile on this website if you are currently looking for jobs or want to build up your career. This website will automatically notify you when a job is posted which matches your skills.


Careers24 is a South African website for job listing. Apart from job listing service, this website has many courses to strengthen your skills. It also gives career advice and counseling.


Career junction is another South African job listing site. Many big companies directly post jobs here. You can browse jobs by category and place on this site.


Jobmail is a job listing site for South Africans. You can search for jobs by keywords and places. It also gives training and courses.


Adzuna provides a variety of jobs for South Africans. You can find your desired jobs here by searching job titles.